Why does Taco Bell Make You Poop

Why does Taco Bell make you poop? Well, Taco bell makes you poop because it features chemicals that are usually found in spicy foods such as capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chemical present in chilli peppers, which becomes quite problematic when consumed by mammals. When you ingest the chemical, it produces a burning sensation on any tissue that will be exposed to it. The irritations that occur in the lining of the stomach can then develop to a laxative effect, which helps loosen the stool and hence cause you poop. That is why you poop when you take Taco bell.

Whenever Taco Bell food items get into your stomach, the spicy food causes a burning sensation as it is full of peppers and spices. On most occasions, pooping immediately after eating food occurs due to the gastrocolic reflex, which we all experience; however the intensity differs from person to person.

Which Taco Bell food Items make you poop?

Taco bell is very much popular among the foodies due to its cost-effective tasty Mexican-inspired foods. However, there are foods among its menu that may cause discomfort just after you have them. Taco bell frequently changes its menu; hence it is difficult to keep up with the various delicacies intact. However, you should know that unlike other fast food restaurants all Taco foods are safely made by hand (with gloves of course) and are prepared precisely.

Taco bell food always looks and taste amazing. But, there are certain menu items that cause irritation in your stomach and make you poop immediately after having them. We have discussed about these menu items that you can be careful while ordering from the chain.

The Steak Quesarito

This menu item from Taco Bell features an interesting combination of simple foods like rice, beans, steak and cheese that you may want to try out. The meal also features a variety of sauces and sour cream; this combination could be problematic for individuals with a weak stomach.

Spicy Tostada

This Is quite spicy dish and usually comes with a dose of Taco bell sauces among other foods that includes tomatoes, cheese, beans and lettuce. The foods that will make your stomach upset are the chipotle sauce and the spicy sauce. Interestingly, people who love spicy food, tend to have an upset stomach with the spicy tostada right after eating it.

The Steak Quesalupa 

This menu is no longer available at the Taco Bell chain because it contains the ingredients that will upset your stomach and create problems like loose motion. The meal features a large amount of cheese and meat, and a variety of problematic toppings such as the sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

Spicy double chalupa

The chalupa features a spice that is known to make the foodie poop; this ingredient is called the “jalapeno peppers”. The food also features a lot of beef, lettuce, tomatoes and up to three cheese blends added to fill the food. The food is loaded with a lot of spices and also a few sauces have been added to enhance the taste of this dish. The dish also takes a few problematic ingredients like sour cream and the nacho cheese sauce. Jalapeno peppers create a burning sensation and cause stomach pain and diarrhoea. Hence, they cause stomach problems when mixed with cheese and sour cream.

The Triple layer nachos

Triple layer nachos are what make the foodie reach the cloak room immediate after the consumption or a few hours after the consumption. The meal features three layers of beans, huge amounts of cheesy and spicy sauces. If you are ordering the Triple layer nachos, you should be careful about the ingredients that can cause an upset stomach.

What are the Healthy Food items available at Taco bell?

If you are a fan of Taco Bell and love to have healthy meal at the chain, then we can recommend you a few of healthy meal options that you can explore on your next visit.

The chicken power bowl

This menu features a combination of both fresh and cooked foods that additionally contains that right amounts of nutrients. The Taco bell treat is made of lettuce, tomato, guacamole, chicken and beans. You can customize the toppings to make it even healthier by getting rid of the cheese and in its place use the sauce.

The cheesy potato griller

This menu from Taco Bell is very tasty and hence features a healthy burrito that does not use so many spices and ingredients in it. This dish is full of nutrients; you can get about 8 grams of protein, 50 grams carbs and 13grams fat from 1 serving of cheesy potato griller. This is perhaps the best food to eat on the go or at the chain.

Black beans and rice

This dish is perfect for those people who do not like to have meat in the dishes. However, finding a meat less menu at Taco Bell is really tough. Interestingly, Taco bell offers a few vegan delicacies; a good example of this category is the simple bowl of black beans and rice. The nutritious bowl is full of nutrients that contain190 calories,. You can choose any other dish to accompany it.

Chips and guacamole

This menu from Taco Bell significantly does not have the common cheese and sour cream that the chain uses to prepare most of the Taco bell foods. It also does not feature the other ingredients such as the jalapeno peppers. This simple food item is high in calories, but the good thing is that you can actually benefit from the healthy avocado fats, which will also keep you full for longer.

Is eating at Taco bell bad for you?

No, Taco Bell has made some modification to their dishes and currently promises to offer healthy fast foods that includes vegetables and fruits like avocados.

What type of meat does Taco bell use?

At Taco bell, you will find 100% USDA premium beef in dishes that uses seasoned meat.

Why does Taco Bell upset your stomach?

However, there are also the red strips from Taco Bell that can easily cause issues for your stomach. The red strips are spicy and add a crunch to the meal. Unfortunately, it may also lead to your stomach hating you.

What happens when you eat too much Taco Bell?

Folks who eat too much fast food like Taco Bell are increasing their chances of complications stemming from diets too high in salt and sugar. Think things like hypertension, diabetes, and metabolic dysfunction to heart disease.

Is it common to get food poisoning from Taco Bell?

Food poisoning can occur as a result of eating Mexican food. The most commonly reported symptoms from Taco Bell are vomiting and diarrhoea and the most reported diagnoses are Salmonella and Norovirus.

Why does Taco Bell upset my stomach?

Ans: Well, there may be several reasons of Taco Bell causing a stomach

upset, which include a lot of spices in a few Taco Bell popular menu

items. However, foodies who have visited the chain also have alleged

the workers of the restaurant of not taking proper care during food

preparation, which may be one of the reasons of causing a stomach

upset. On the contrary, a few customers who visit the chain regularly

have never reported any problem with their food quality and hygiene. If

you have a weak stomach then you can think twice before taking too

much spicy menus in any restaurant. Moreover, if you want to visit Taco

Bell and do not want to face similar digestion issues, then you may

check out their healthy menu items that we have discussed above. All

these menu items do not take jalapeno chillies or unnecessary spices.

Why does Taco Bell Cause Diarrhoea soon after having it?

Ans: Some customers of taco Bell has reported that they have diarrhoea

soon after having Taco Bell food that feature ground beef as its main

ingredient. They also have said that they do not face any stomach

issues if they choose to eat Taco Bell without the ground beef. So,

Problem must be in the ground beef as per the customer’s reviews on

certain menu items. There are a lot of spices in the meat as well as salt

in a fair amount, which has a laxative effect.

Does Taco Bell cause bloating or gas after having it?

Ans: A few people experience gas and bloating problem with the beans

and Taco Bell use refried beans in a lot of their menu items in a

generous quantity. Added to this, Taco Bell also features a lot of spices,

though spices enhance the taste of the menu items up to a great extent.

Hence, this could be another reason why people feel gas and bloating

inside their stomach after Taco bell. Interestingly, a few people have

also reported having nervousness after having Taco Bell. However,

the chain is running successfully as it does not cause stomach problems

to all of its customers. Remember, digestive health is not same for all; it

varies greatly from person to person.



Taco bell foods are quite spicy and hence they make you poop if you take them in large quantities. However, the effect varies from person to person; some people will experience loose motion after taking spicy or sugary drinks, while others can eat spices all day and do not face the issue visiting the toilet all day long. Hence, you should order the dishes keeping your digestive activities in mind.

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