Taco Villa Breakfast Hours

Taco Villa Breakfast Hours is the hour during which Taco Villa serves breakfast at its restaurant. It offers several varieties of menus for breakfast.

Every Taco Villa food item is prepared with only the freshest ingredients. Garden-fresh vegetables, hot flavourful beef cooked throughout each day, pinto beans grown in high mountain areas, fresh made sauces and crisp tortilla chips – that’s just a few of the great tastes you’ll love at Taco Villa.

Taco Villa - History

Taco Villa is a U.S.-based fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in Tex-Mex-style Mexican cuisine.  Currently, there are 20 locations of Taco Villa in Amarillo, Andrews, Benbrook, Big Spring, Canyon, Lubbock, Midland and Odessa, TX and Clovis & Hobbs, NM, owned by the Bobby Cox Companies. The Bobby Cox Companies also owns the restaurant chains Rosa's Cafe and Texas Burger, as well as several non-restaurant ventures.


There are 10 Taco Villa locations in Lubbock and Levelland, TX as well as Clovis; these are NM owned and operated by Endeavour Enterprises. Greg Blankenship, President and CEO of Endeavour Enterprises purchased the Taco Villas in August 1997.

Hours of Operation

Taco Villa remains open on Sunday – Thursday from 6:30 AM – 10:00 PM, whereas on Friday and Saturday it is open from 6:30 AM – 11:00 PM.

However, not all locations offer breakfast. Hence, the restaurants that do not offer breakfast are open at 10 AM daily. You can visit their website www.tacovilla.com to order from them. If you want to check the timing of your location, then you must visit here to find out.

Breakfast Menus

If you are wondering what you are going to get during breakfast hours of Taco Villa, then do not worry. We have visited their website and made a thorough research on their breakfast menus. You can take a look at all the menus that you can order from Taco Villa restaurant during their breakfast hours.

Softacos & Burritos

Soft taco and Burritos comes with Egg, Flour Tortilla, Grated Cheese, Red (Mild) or Green (Spicy) Sauce, and your choice of Potato, Sausage, Ham, Chorizo, Bacon, or Taco Meat. You can add free Grilled Pico De Gallo and/or Beans to any Breakfast Softaco or Burrito.

You can customize the dishes by choosing one of the following options in your favourite dish. Let us take a look at the ingredient options that you have while ordering your favourite breakfast menu.

Sausage & Egg

Ham & Egg

Chorizo & Egg

Bacon & Egg

Taco Meat & Egg

Potato & Egg


If you want to go eggless or meat less, then you can choose accordingly. Moreover, you can add your choice of one of the meats listed above, along with veggies like potato, cheese, beans, and red (mild) or green (spicy) sauce.


Biscuits & More

If you are a fan of biscuits and bakery menu items, then you can order the following items at Taco Villa. 


Biscuit & Gravy

Breakfast Biscuit – Comes with Egg, Grated Cheese and your choice of Meat or Potato

Breakfast Platter – Eggs, Bacon or Sausage, Biscuit, & Hash Brown

Ham and Cheese on a Bun


Breakfast Drinks

You will also get the following drinks during breakfast hours at Taco Villa. 


Hot Chocolate

Orange Juice

Milk – White or Chocolate

Soft Drinks

Available Breakfast Menu and their Price


There are breakfast combos that you should try if you are really confused about how to choose menu items from the huge list. We have enlisted Taco Villa’s breakfast combos along with their price so that you can order your choice of breakfast meal while you reach the restaurant next.

You can order Breakfast Burrito and Hashbrowns at $6.59.

You can get 2 Breakfast Soft Tacos and Hashbrowns at just $7.49.

You will get Salsa Mexicana Burrito and Hashbrowns at just $7.09.



EGG BURRITO will cost you $2.99, which features egg, cheese, & red or green sauce.

POTATO BURRITO will cost you $3.19 and it features potato, egg, cheese, & red or green sauce.

BACON BURRITO can be ordered at $3.49 and it includes bacon, egg, cheese, & red or green sauce.

SAUSAGE BURRITO can be preordered at just $3.49, which includes sausage, egg, cheese, & red or green sauce.

You will get COUNTRY STYLE BURRITO at just $3.49 that features gravy, sausage, egg, cheese, & home style potatoes.

SALSA MEXICANA BURRITO is a favourite burrito dish that you can order at just $3.79. This burrito features sausage or bacon, beans, eggs, cheese, home style potatoes, and red or green sauce.



EGG TACO can be ordered at $1.99, which features eggs, cheese, & red or green sauce

You can order POTATO TACOs at $1.99 each and it features potato, eggs, cheese, & red or green sauce.

BEEF BREAKFAST TACOs will cost you just $2.19 each that features beef, eggs, cheese, & red or green sauce.

BACON BREAKFAST TACOs will cost you $2.19 each and it features bacon, eggs, cheese, & red or green sauce.

You can order your favourite SAUSAGE BREAKFAST TACO at just $2.19 that includes sausage, eggs, cheese, & red or green sauce.



Taco Villa also serves quesavillas, which is a special dish of Taco Villa. Let us have a look at the breakfast menus under this category. 

EGG BREAKFAST QUESAVILLA costs you just $2.19 and it features eggs & Cheese.

POTATO BREAKFAST QUESAVILLA can be ordered at just $2.39 that includes potato, eggs, & cheese.

BACON BREAKFAST QUESAVILLAs will cost you just $2.39 each and they include bacon, eggs, & cheese

SAUSAGE BREAKFAST QUESAVILLA can be ordered at $2.39 each that features sausage, eggs, & cheese.



You can order BISCUITs at just $1.00 each.

SAUSAGE BISCUIT can cost you just $2.29.

You can also order BISCUITS & GRAVY at  just $2.99.



There are also side items that you can order with the main breakfast menu. These menus include:

HASHBROWNS you can order them at just $1.19.

APPLE BURRITO can be ordered at $1.69

CHURRO DONUT will cost you $1.79.

FRENCH TOAST STICKS can be ordered at just $2.49.

Taco Villa Breakfast hours can be checked where

Before heading for breakfast at the restaurant, the customer must check the restaurant’s operating timings. So, Taco Villa breakfast Hours can be checked from the following various sources:

      . At the restaurant

      . On the Taco website ( https://tacovilla.net/ )

      . On the Taco App

      . Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Taco Villa serve breakfast?

Breakfast is served from 6:30am to 11am at Taco Villa restaurant on weekdays. But it is served from 8am-11am on Sundays. However, you need to go to their locations page to find out if they serve breakfast at your nearest location or not so that you may avoid any further hassles.

What kind of Breakfast does Taco Villa serve?

Taco Villa starts each day at select locations with a delicious Breakfast Menu that features fresh-cooked egg, warm tortilla, and tasty bacon, ham, sausage and more. Check out their locations page to find out where to get your next Taco Villa breakfast.

When does Taco Villa stop serving Breakfast?

Taco Villa stops serving breakfast at 11 a.m., which is fixed for all locations and all the 7 days of the week.

Whether Taco Villa Serves Breakfast throughout the Day?

Taco Villa serves breakfast until 11 am from Monday to Sunday. So, if you want to really have delicious, nutritious breakfast then you have to reach the restaurant as per the Taco Villa Breakfast Hours.



You can visit the nearby locations to have breakfast if you are unable to prepare breakfast at home so early in the morning. Taco Villa is open at 6.30 AM on weekdays, which is a great advantage for those who are in jobs. They can visit the chain and have breakfast and reach their office in time. Moreover, if you want to eat fresh food everyday, then you can surely visit the nearby Taco Villa restaurant.