Bean Burrito

How to make Bean Burrito

Taco Bell Bean Burritos are an excellent lunch recipe that you can prepare in few minutes. This dish is freezer-friendly for a pre-made meal that you can take on the go. Bean Burrito is not spicy or heavy, for why it is safe for children also. You can have this dish also in your dinner. So, In this article, you will come to know all about Bean Burrito such as Ingredients, Method of Preparation, Nutritional Facts, and Reviews. You can use readymade canned refried beans in this dish for the filling. However, you can prepare your own refried beans, which will take a few extra steps and time as well.



Bean Burrito is an exotic dish on Taco Bell’s menu card. But it does not need a complex preparation process and a huge number of ingredients to make it taste awesome. Rather, you can make this dish with very few ingredients. So, let us know what you need to prepare this dish.
  •  1 can Taco Bell refried beans
  •  1 onion
  •  Grated cheddar cheese
  •  Taco Bell Sauce
  •  Flour tortilla’s

Method of Preparation

  •  In a microwave-safe dish, add one can of Taco bell’s refried beans, cook until it gets hot. Meanwhile grate the cheddar cheese and diced onions (red/white/yellow onions, whichever is available, or dice all if you have them).
  •  Heat a flat pan on medium heat. Add 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil to it. Place a flour tortilla on pan and twist the sides of these tortillas to spread the oil around them.
  •  You will know it is cooked when the tortilla from the cooked size will rise a little on a few spots. Do not let it burn; it will become brittle. Turn over the tortilla to allow the other side to get lightly brown. You will notice the second side rising a little more. Cooking the tortilla will make them soft enough to wrap the filling.
  •  After you cook all the required ingredients make your burrito. First, place the burrito on a plate. Add one or two spoons full of refried beans to the center of the tortilla. Then add the cheese and some onions, to taste. Then you can add Taco Bell sauce in the middle of the beans.
  •  Grab the edge of the burrito with the contents perpendicular to you by gently folding over one edge to tightly wrap all the ingredients under one edge. Fold the bottom of the burrito towards the center of the tortilla. Tightly twist the side edges you first wrapped over and continue rolling to enjoy your favorite bean burrito.

Nutritional Facts

Bean Burrito is one of the best sellers on Taco Bell menu. It has got delicious veggies that make it full of nutrition and fibre. There are 350 calories in a Bean Burrito; most of those calories come from carbohydrates (62%). So, let us know the approximate percentage of all the nutrients in a Bean Burrito. Serving Size: 1 burrito
  •  Calories: 350
  •  Calories From Fat: 80
  •  Total Fat:9g
  •  Saturated Fat: 3.5g
  •  Trans Fat: 0.0g
  •  Cholesterol: 5mg
  •  Sodium: 1000mg
  •  Total Carbohydrates: 54g
  •  Dietary Fiber: 11g
  •  Sugars: 3g
  •  Protein: 13g
  •  Vitamin A: 2%
  •  Vitamin C: 4%
  •  Calcium: 20%
  •  Iron: 20%


Reviewed June 25, 2017

Sometimes I'm just hungry for a bean burrito!!!

The people who work here are nice and polite. It is the older look Taco Bell which is much better than the new ones. The food was hot and tasted fresh. The drink was regular Pepsi instead of diet... I'm a diabetic so I can taste the difference. If not for that I would have given this Taco Bell a 5 out of 5. Date of visit: June 2017

PissedConsumer1649256 of Richland, MISep 09, 2019

Taco Bell - Burrito

Have you changed your bean burrito? I used to love them without hot sauce. Well, I ordered a bean burrito and it was so runny. They used to be so good with thick refried beans. That is why I asked if you had changed them. I tried them three times and the same thing runny. It just ran all over me and my sister's new car. Looking forward to hearing from you. Maybe I should try the Toco Bell in Westnedge same town. Again looking for your reply. Sincerely, Roxann

Elliott H of Portland, OR         Aug 08, 2019

Taco Bell - Huge Price increase/skimpy burritos

I always go to Taco Bell for lunch and get a bean burrito with extra beans. They are usually $1.39 after they increased the price in 2018. When I ordered today it was increased to $1.79 + the .50 cents for extra beans. This is outrageous! I might as well eat at Chipotle, eat it throughout the day, and get ecoli for that price gouge. How do they justify this? They were the last affordable fast food joint that was somewhat healthy for people. Now I will have to eat at home or bring a lunch. Shame on you Taco Bell. You have become super greedy. They already skimp the burritos which is why I have to compensate with extra beans.

Latest News

Taco Bell announced, “Our Bean Burrito is number 2 seller”

“Our bean burrito is our second most sold item on our menu—so even people who are not vegetarians are eating vegetarian at Taco Bell,” Taco Bell spokesperson Alec Boyle said in an interview. “You can customize nearly any menu item at Taco Bell to make it vegetarian-friendly by substituting beans for meat,” Peta reports. Yes, it is official that Bean Burrito is the second best seller on the Taco Bell menu card. You can customize this item according to your choice and also can order it without cheese to make it vegan. As well as you can also add exotic vegetables to it as per your taste. 

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