Del Taco Breakfast Hours


Del Taco Breakfast Hours are the time during which the it serves the breakfast at its restaurant.It offers several varieties of menus in the breakfast.

Generally, the Breakfast  start from 11:00 am till 11:00 pm daily. This restaurant breakfast is for 12 hours. So, best for late night crowds and those who want to start their day early.When you wake up early in the morning you need not worry about your breakfast because Del Taco Breakfast start from 11:00 pm till 11:00 am in the morning. You can have your breakfast and start your day. If you cannot visit the restaurant, then the breakfast can be ordered by phone or online. The breakfast menu at Del Taco are like Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito, are some of the most popular things on their menu. Other good Del Taco breakfast foods include the hashbrown sticks, chorizo breakfast tacos, and bacon & egg breakfast quesadillas.

Del Taco is one of the most popular Mexican inspired fast-food restaurant chains of America. The restaurant specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine as well as American foods such as burgers, fries, and shakes. They serve mouth watering menu items in breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you do not regret after choosing this famous eatery for any occasion. 

Del Taco is the favourite destination for most of the Americans who love to have their delicious breakfast menu at this restaurant. There are a wide range options in the breakfast menu that one can choose from. 

In this article, we have discussed Breakfast hours of Del Taco, dishes available in breakfast hours, and price of breakfast menu items. Before discussing the menus, let us have a brief idea about Dell Taco restaurant. 

Del Taco Overview

Del Taco is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains in America. If you are an American citizen then you must be visiting Del Taco more often to grab their Mexican inspired cuisine or American based fast food dishes. 

Del Taco was first pioneered in September 1964 at Yermo, California. The two founders Mr. David Jameson and Ed Hackbarth laid the initial idea of establishing this fast food restaurant. Currently, The Del Taco headquarters is located at Lake Forest, California.

This restaurant usually serves a unique menu for its customers; most of the recipes are fusion dishes. They serve their fans a wide range of delicious Mexican recipes along with a few mouth-watering traditional American menus. They still serve the authentic and oldest recipes like they started on their first day. Interestingly, the chain never changes or does any other experiments with the ingredients and menu items, which is the USP of this brand. 

You will get a wide range of vegetarian dishes for their vegan fans. They also provide a separate menu for kids. On special occasions they provide various facilities to their customers.

Del Taco offers an amazing blend of Mexican and authentic American cuisine including Burritos, Tacos, Burgers, fries etc. They offer such a huge variety of options that often one becomes confused while ordering from them. Breakfast Hours of Del Taco are very popular among the foodies as they serve a variety of mouth watering breakfast menus in the breakfast hours.  

About Del Taco

Del Taco’s excellent customer-oriented service and food have supported the brand to the extent of their business day by day. They always serve freshly prepared ingredients.

At present, they are growing more branches all over the United States of America. Presently, they are conducting approx. 600 locations in almost 20 states of the USA.

The most interesting thing about breakfast is that it is the first important thing after waking up from your sleep. We are so much busy these days that only a few people get a chance to prepare breakfast for them. Most people find a comfortable place to pour breakfast. Del Taco is the best choice for them. They are convenient for all types of customers.

Most importantly they serve their breakfast menu for the whole day. They serve late-night breakfast treats or early morning treats. 12 hours the time is enough time to have your favorite Mexican treat like shell tacos, tortilla wraps, etc. Whether you need to work in the early morning or late night Del Taco is the best solution for your delicious breakfast menus.

Breakfast Hours Timing

  • Del Taco remains open for all days of the week. 
  • They serve breakfast from 12 AM to 11 AM during weekdays.
  • In weekends also, you can avail breakfast menus from 12 AM to 11 AM

Breakfast time can be checked where:

Before heading for the breakfast at the restaurant, the customer must check the restaurant operating timings. So, the Del Taco breakfast hours can be checked from the following various sources:

      . At the restaurant

      . On the Taco website ( )

      . On the Taco App

      . Customer Support

What you can expect in Del Taco Breakfast Menu

With flexible breakfast hours, foodies of Del Taco can have breakfast for a midnight snack. Burritos and quesadillas reign over the breakfast menu along with hash brown sticks that takes the place of fries.

Tacos are not less popular either; you can avail various types of Tacos including Breakfast Tacos, Bacon Breakfast Tacos, Steak Breakfast Tacos, and Sausage Breakfast Tacos.

If you are a Burrito lover then you can expect to have a huge variety of options including Breakfast Burritos, Huevos Rancheros Epic Burritos, and Epic Scrambler Burritos. 

Besides burritos and tacos, you can grab Breakfast Toasted Wrap, Breakfast Rollers, Epic Scrambler, and Hash Brown Sticks nto make the breakfast hours better ever. During breakfast hours the chain also serves amazing desserts such as Simply Orange, Donut Bites, and Prime Java Coffee (hot and cold).

Breakfast Menus and Their Price

Del Taco’s offers breakfast menus at an amazing price, which is the reason that makes the brand so popular.  The fun aspect of the menu is you can grab most of the individual items at a dollar or less. So, let us discuss the prices of all the menu items that the chain serves in their breakfast hours. 

  • Breakfast Burrito: $0.89
  • Bacon Breakfast Burrito: $1.19
  • Sausage & Egg Burrito: $2.99, Combo price: $4.69
  • Bacon & Egg Burrito: $2.99, Combo peice: $4.69
  • Steak & Egg Burrito: $3.19, Combo price: $4.99
  • Egg & Cheese Burrito: $2.09, Combo price: $4.19
  • Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco: $0.75
  • Bacon Breakfast Taco: $1.00
  • Sausage Breakfast Taco: $1.00
  • Steak Breakfast Taco: $1.75
  • Mini Bacon Quesadilla: $0.75
  • Hashbrown Sticks: 5 PC = $1.00, 8 PC: $1.50
  • Sausage Epic Scrambler: $3.69, Combo price: $5.19
  • Bacon Epic Scrambler: $3.69, Combo price: $5.19
  • Steak Epic Scrambler: $4.09, Combo price: $5.59
  • Bacon & Egg Quesadilla: $2.39, Combo price: $4.19

Del Taco’s Most Popular Breakfast Menus

We have enlisted a few menu items of Del Taco chain that the foodie fans love the most. Let us discuss the menu items and what you can expect from these dishes. 

  • Bacon & Egg Quesadilla: The quesadilla is one of the most unique items on Del Taco’s breakfast menu. This dish comes with a range of options to choose from; the bacon and egg quesadilla is the most popular filling among them.
  • Steak Epic Scrambler: This Del Taco breakfast menu resembles a breakfast platter. This dish features a generous helping of eggs sprinkled with steak, which the fans love so much.
  • Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco: This dish is one of the cheapest items on the Del taco’s breakfast menu. Both the menu items are both cost effective and filling for the food lovers. The dish is so yummy that you cannot resist yourself ordering more than one for you.
  • Breakfast Burrito: Del Taco’s Breakfast Burrito is stuffed with sausage, bacon, and eggs. It is a perfect blend between classic American breakfast and Mexican-influenced food.

More Related Queries

Does Del taco Serve breakfast all the day?

Ans: Yes, Del Taco serves breakfast all day long. You can order your favourite breakfast menu items even if you reach the restaurant late. You may love a breakfast burrito for lunch or dinner or just a snack at one point in the day. So, Del taco start service at 11pm or 12am in the majority of their establishment; the Del Taco breakfast hours serve a late night breakfast treat or an early morning one. Interestingly, it depends on what time your day starts. The restaurant serves breakfast menu for 24 hours a day at a few locations. That means, you can grab bacon and egg quesadilla or some hash brown sticks with a few breakfast tacos whenever you want. 

When does Del Taco starts serving Breakfast?

Del Taco starts serving breakfast  from 11 am as the  restaurant is open for 24 hours. It sounds good for those Del Taco fans who actually stays awake for late night.

When Does Del Taco Stop Serving Breakfast?

Actually Del Taco  is open for 24 hours. So, the breakfast is available the whole day.  So, better get yourself ready for the breakfast before 11:00 am.

Can a regular Taco be ordered during breakfast?

No, there is a breakfast menu available at Del Taco during the breakfast  from 11 pm to 11 am.



Del Taco has been serving its Breakfast Hours for 30 long years and running successfully with a huge fan base. They provide the most delicious menus for their clients during the breakfast hours. F you are bit lazy and do not want to cook or if you are getting late to the office and want to grab a Del Taco Burrito or Taco, then you can. Moreover, the chain is vowed to provide best service to their customers by maintaining proper hygiene at all their restaurants. 

 The Del Taco  serves Breakfast at different times at different locations and also for some days.So, make sure to check with the Taco hours of operation.

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